How to Increase Your Conversion with a Proven Sales Funnel Template

Most businesses have the tendency of trying to convert a prospective customer into a sale immediately. This should not be their first objective, instead of having such ideas, it would be better for them to walk the prospective customers through the sales process despite ending up with small conversions. Such customers develop a liking for your products or services and they have a reason to buy it from you. Your main aim should be to attract the community to your business such that you keep them coming back despite them not knowing you personally. It’s what you offer that will attract massive customers.

Here are the most common ways for influencing new customers:

  • Blogging. You product will reach a broader market by using internet marketing. The internet is the largest marketing platform that you can possibly think of and through blogs; you can write anything that will market your product or service. In addition adding blogs to your website makes your site appear in search engines and customers end up flocking your site.
  • Publishing and social networking. Social media is a platform where customers get to ask questions about a product or service. Face book and Twitter are some of those platforms through which your business can interact with customers. Consumers also need to see the other side of your business on instagram. Being available on such networks will improve the conversion rate of your business as you interact with customers.
  • Landing pages. Having a landing page on your website makes it more captivating since you address a specific problem in it. It can either be set to capture your prospective customer’s details or sell your product/service. By sending the traffic on your site to a landing page, you end up seeing a higher conversion rate.
  • Forms. These are often overlooked but they create chances for you to get more subscribers. Most sites have the option that asks visitors to subscribe to their newsletter via email and this makes the conversion rate grow.
  • E-commerce promotion. Posting your product on your website isn’t enough. You need to constantly keep reminding customers how they can purchase your product rather than assuming that they will visit your site to get the product. You aim should be to make it easy for prospects to access your product and view it. For instance, you can send emails to customers during holidays reminding them about the offers you have for them.
  • Resells. Most customers like buying what they have previously purchased since they have already developed trust in. Changing a product will make existing customers pass through the sales process again and most of them don’t like repeating this process.
  • Gratitude. When a client makes a purchase, it is important to thank them so that they can feel appreciated. You can even offer your customer a coupon which helps in building loyalty.

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