How To Sell On Amazon ? Let Me Share With You My Little Secrets !
3 Deadly Amazon Newbie Seller Mistakes - And How To Avoid It.
Amazon Expert Reveals 3 Deadly Mistake That Almost All Seller Will Make And How You Can Avoid It And Kickstart Your Amazon Business In The Shortest Possible Time.
Posted on August 7th, 2017 by Nick Tsai
Whether you plan to start selling on Amazon, you are expanding your existing business to Amazon, or you are a complete newbie to Amazon business:
This will be the most important article you will ever read.

Here is Why
In this article, I will show you 3 critical mistakes 82.24% of Amazon beginners make. I will also show you easy, simple tips to avoid these mistakes.

But Don't say "I’m an experienced marketer, so these mistakes won't happen to me"

One of my friends, Jeff, got his account suspended months ago; he has been selling for over 15 years, yet he made one of the mistakes I am about to mention in this article. He ended up spending thousands of dollars to recover his business. Don't be so sure!

I will also share a simple 3-step formula that can help you start profiting from Amazon in the shortest time possible.

The good news is, I am not only going to show you the dark side of Amazon, I am also going to show you the exciting possibility of Amazon business.

So Why should you listen to me?

First, I am an experienced Amazon seller; I started selling on Amazon in July of 2014. Before that, I had a T-shirt business and years of experience in marketing.
Once I achieved my dream life selling on Amazon, I quit my 9 to 5 job. Now I can enjoy time with my family while making some good profit.

the screenshot is what I made in last December. (The result isn't typical)
(I know it won't be as shocking as the screenshot of those "gurus," but that's my real result, not something copied from the net or Photoshopped)

Here is a disclaimer:

This is not a typical result. Most people won't achieve this level of sales because they give up early, and I worked hard to get this level. But I will share my proven formula, which helped me get this level of sales, at the end of this article!

You will also learn the most critical mistake you can make. It’s a mistake that can even eliminate your Amazon business, so listen up!

Ready ? Nice ! Let's Get Started!

3 Critical Mistakes That Can Kill Your Amazon Business Almost Overnight

1.Choosing the Wrong Product

Competing With Big Brands

Don't try to compete with brands like Apple or Pampers. They have spent millions of dollars to connect certain "keywords" with their brands.

Rule of thumb: if you search a keyword and find there are more than 5 products ranked on page 1 by a certain brand, it's mostly dominated by those brands.

Sourcing Another Me-Too Product

Don't sell things that everyone is selling; it simply won't work. Instead, you can identify a hot selling product, and create a variation of it. Here are some tips:

1. bundle it - sell as a set of 2, 4, or different color
2. upgrade it - make an upgraded version of it
3. differentiate it - get a different color or a different size which is in high demand but is not available in the marketplace

Selling Patented Items

Some unethical suppliers may give you product ideas that are patented in your target marketplace. Be sure to check the item before souring it or you might be in big trouble.

2.Choosing The Wrong Supplier
If you are sourcing from China, you have to be careful.

Many unethical suppliers will give you their best quality item the first time. After you sell out of that inventory and decide to go big, that's when the nightmare begins. Some unethical sellers will start to cut corners on the quality of the product. This can lead to poor reviews, or even get your account suspended. 

Here is another common problem: Suppliers in China sometimes will recommend copyrighted products to you. If you sourced that product, your listing would have a good chance of being removed.

If you decide to do drop shipping, you have to make sure your supplier will ship out on time, and that their packaging will feature your brand or company name. Drop shipping is a legit business model for Amazon, but your shipping time can't be too long.

No Traffic

Some people will source a product because "it looks good," but that may not be the best choice to sell on Amazon.
Amazon is a searching-based market, so before sourcing any product, be sure to do some keyword research. There are many tools, such as Google Keyword Planner and Merchantword, 
that can help you dive in and see how much search volume each product will get.

3 Thing Your Must To Successed With Your Amazon Business

First, Setting Goals

Have a dream ,Set a goal  ...

That's what I call your "Big Why," your life mission.
From years of coaching experience, I found that students without a "Big Why" quit easily
and hardly achieve any success.
They jump from opportunity to opportunity, but never commit to anything.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to find your Big Why:

What do you want to achieve in your life?
What's the lifestyle you want to bring to your family?
What level of freedom and security do you want  in your life?
What, to you, is the most valuable thing?

Second, Focus and persistent. Selling on Amazon could be a profitable and life-changing business, but no business can be built overnight. It took me a year to reach my goal, but it's totally worth it.

But don't worry, selling online isn't rocket science. You will get my blueprint soon.

Third  invest in learning ! 

Guesswork is expensive.

You can buy books, attend courses, or join a group.
Don't fight alone!

Every time I tried to save some "money," I ended up spending more time and money due to some stupid mistake which could be easily avoided by a course costing a few hundred dollars.

Guesswork is expensive.

Get My Amazon Jumpstart Training For Free

As I said, guesswork will cost you a lot of money. That's why I created a mini course called
"Amazon Jumpstart Workshop."

This course contains 3 videos, 4 resource links, and 2 short reports which can help you get the basic knowledge to kickstart your Amazon business.

Here is what you can learn from this workshop:
  • My Foolproof Way To Find Hot Selling, Low Competition Products
  •  My Secret sources to find product suppliers. 
  • My 3 Step Formula To Start Your Amazon business
  •  54 Products You Should Never Sell On Amazon
  •  100 Hot Categories No One Else Will Tell You About!
  •  100 Hot Selling Product Ideas
  •  Places where can get your product prepared and fulfilled

You can click the link below to sign up for your mini-workshop. We will send the link directly to your email inbox.

Only 100 Spots Available, And Will Be Taken Down Soon 

Even though the info is free, it does cost me some money to promote this workshop, which means I can only provide access to a very limited group of people. This workshop is for people who are interested in serious and life-changing business, not for people looking into random get-rich-quick schemes.
I may take it down the workshop at any time.

See you inside !
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The Author of Book AMZ Business Jumpstart
An expert e-commerce seller founded a trading company and many Shopify store, expert of Clickfunnels and Digital marketing.
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